It's Time! Yes on Measure L. Yes for Sacramento.

The current system isn’t broken.  Measure L is just better.  San Francisco, San Diego and other major California cities have changed to the form of government Measure L proposes. Why? Because it works!

Say Yes to smarter, more accountable, transparent government.  Vote Yes on Measure L.

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Direct Accountability to Voters


Currently, Sacramento’s chief executive is a City Manager not elected by voters, despite making critical decisions about taxpayer dollars and how the City is run. Measure L makes the chief executive an elected position, the Mayor, directly accountable to you and your neighbors for providing superior police and fire protection, budgeting decisions, park maintenance, street repairs, and other essential services.

Real Checks and Balances for Neighborhoods

Measure L establishes new checks and balances on elected officials, including term limits for the Mayor, an Independent Budget Analyst, City Council approval of budget and hiring of City Manager, City Council override of Mayoral vetoes, and a new Advisory Council focused on protecting and strengthening neighborhoods.

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Higher Standards for Ethics and Transparency

Measure L mandates a new Code of Ethics, Open Government Ordinance and Ethics Committee to ensure City officials uphold high ethical standards and avoid waste, fraud and abuse.

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More Integrity in the Democratic Process


Measure L ends the practice of politicians picking their voters through redistricting. Instead, an Independent Commission will determine Council district boundaries in the best interests of the public, not the politicians.

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Why We Need a Charter Revision

The Charter Revision proposal makes city government more accountable to voters, creates a real system of checks and balances between the mayor and city council, and strengthens standards of ethics and transparency. Show your support by volunteering for the initiative. Contact us to let us know how you can help.

Get Involved

To make a contribution to Yes on L, please contact us using the form below. Your contribution will have an immediate impact on our campaign. It’s time! Yes on Measure L. Yes for Sacramento.

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